Data Backups to the Cloud

Cloud backups are not only more common but more simple than most people think. Gone are the days of physical media backups; now, it is easier and less expensive to backup to the cloud.

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International Linux Foundation Announces Distributed Network For All Users

posted by Dave Murphy at 04/ 1/08 17:04 in culture, digital, security, software

In an announcement that will likely have long term implications for users of personal computers, the International Linux Foundation today reported that it will release a version of its operating system that will include a link to a distributed network.

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Finding Digital Heaven - A Windows User Switches to a Mac

posted by Dave Murphy at 03/31/08 13:03 in digital, hardware, software

I was an avid fan of PCs for 25 years. I was an ardent supporter of Microsoft Windows, even during the dark Me years. However, when Vista came to my desk last fall, I lost my passion for PCs. I bought one of the most capable notebooks available, spending ten times more than I did for my the eight-person 1964 Oldsmobile Jetstar 88 that I drove while I was in college. Yet, Vista ruined this fine piece of computing hardware. Yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and for the last two weeks, I have been in computing heaven.

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Americans Use Multiple Research Sources

posted by Dave Murphy at 12/30/07 15:12 in culture, digital

Americans use multiple resources when searching for specific answers. The traditional sources, libraries and librarians, are still common alternatives, even with the ubiquitous availability of internet access.

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Proton-Based Network Offers Free Cellular and Internet Services

Free voice and data services will be available through an international consortium’s program that deploys a proton-based global network. The telecommunications network’s potential was confirmed last week following research using the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, European Organization for Nuclear Research, and the world’s largest particle physics laboratory.

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CRM Software - Manage Customer Relationships

posted by Dave Murphy at 03/20/07 18:03 in e-business, software

A general rule of thumb for businesses is to drop the bottom 10 percent of clients each year, based on the profitability of the relationships. Focusing on the most profitable clients--rather than all of old clients--will, in time, increase the business' overall profitability. One way to manage the profitability of client relationships is through the use of Customer Resource Management (CRM) software.

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Using Computer Clock Skew to Crack Anonymity Networks

At the recent Chaos Communications Congress, Steven J. Murdoch, a researcher in the security group at the University of Cambridge, discussed how clock skew can be used to facilitate a digital attack against anonymity networks. Clock skew, the tendency for a computer's clock to become less precise when heated, can reduce the efficacy of anonymizers, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Tor network.

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Those Aren’t Really Friends Sending You E-mail

posted by Dave Murphy at 12/ 6/06 00:12 in digital, security

Have you recently been receiving messages from a number of new friends? If so, you are either a good person or a one of the millions of spam victims. Experts estimate that 90% of e-mail traffic is spam, and those spammers claiming to be your friend may not really have your best interests at heart.

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Podcasting in America: 2006

posted by Dave Murphy at 11/23/06 12:11 in digital, hardware, software

A podcast is a digital multimedia file that is distributed via the internet. Podcast listeners/viewers may download individual podcast files or subscribe to a subscription feed that automates the downloading of podcast episodes. Podcasts may be played on a personal computer; however, the inherent portability of the medium encourages use of a mobile playback device, such as a portable MP3 player.

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Blogosphere Grows to 50 Million

posted by Dave Murphy at 08/13/06 18:08 in culture, digital, trivia

Technorati, the recognized blog tracking service, reported that there are fifty-one million blogs were in publication as of today. This is one hundred times more blogs than were in existence when the tracking service started, three years ago.

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Teleportation Takes Quantum Leap Forward

posted by Dave Murphy at 04/ 1/06 10:04 in culture, science, trivia

The United States Department of Defense and the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence today issued a joint news release announcing a electronic urban battlefield personnel and weapons transportation system, codenamed EUBPAWT (pronounced EUW-paw). The EUBPAWT system utilizes a high-energy quantum mechanical electrical field to quantify the quantum molecular structure of living tissue, which is then spatially transported and interstitially reconstituted.

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Which Author is Better: One or Many?

posted by Dave Murphy at 03/12/06 11:03 in culture, digital, e-business

Wikipedia, the popular online reference source for undergraduates and consumers, worldwide, has more than 15 times the number of articles than the well-known Encyclopedia Britannica, the self-proclaimed “world’s most indispensable and reliable reference resource.”

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When Software Bites, Back

posted by Dave Murphy at 03/11/06 06:03 in digital, software

McAfee's antivirus software caused problems for Microsoft Excel users, on Friday. Just as Excel users, around the world, were attempting to complete their day's work, the virus signatures, pushed to them by McAfee, caused the McAfee software to incorrectly identify the excel.exe file as being infected by the W95/CTX virus.

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Google's Plan to Store Data Online Presents Security Concerns

Google, Inc. seems to hope that thousands, possibly millions, of internet users will trust their digital data to the Mountain View, California company, the same one that sings forth the anthem "Don't be evil."

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Podcast 3 - Digitalis Americana: It All Started Bit by Bit

I am recording sections of the draft of my new book Digitalis Americana: How the Personal Computer Changes the Face of America.

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