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Training Technology

Hot, hard-hitting, and helpful. That's how the Training Technology articles have been described. Member submissions are invited. The articles are usually a page in length and are perfect for class handouts. They are published in Adobe Acrobat PDF for easy printing.

These papers are published for the benefit of ITrain members. So you'll see them exactly as intended, we have prepared them as Adobe Acrobat PDF documents.

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You'll need a current version of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these PDFs. Getting the Acrobat Reader program is simple and free! Just click the Adobe icon to the left and follow the easy steps to download and install Acrobat Reader.

Technical Papers Available to Members

Access to these articles is granted to members in good standing; however, some are of broad value and are released for public access.

Trainer Preparation

  1. Trainer Certification: Why is it so vital? public
  2. A Trainer's First Steps
  3. A Trainer's Goal: Prepare Learners For Life
  4. Be an Engaging Presenter
  5. Preparing for E-Learning
  6. E-learning ISD, Part 1
  7. Training: Preparation, Flexibility, Evaluation
  8. Email Pitfalls
  9. Teach Windows 9x Security, Part 1

Rapport and Delivery

  1. Listening
  2. Sticky Training: Simplicity
  3. Sticky Training: Unexpectedness
  4. Sticky Training: Concreteness
  5. Prepare for Learning Success
  6. E-Learning Success
  7. Helping Adults Prepare For Training
  8. Bond & Speak Clearly, Part 1
  9. Bond & Speak Clearly, Part 2
  10. Learner-Centered Training, Part 1
  11. The Wise Trainer Questions, Part 1
  12. The Wise Trainer Questions, Part 2
  13. Facilitating Training

Classroom Management

  1. Setting the Stage, Part 1
  2. Classroom Rules public
  3. Prepare for Murphy's Law
  4. Ten Training Rules
  5. Small Group Training Success
  6. Alternate Training Venues
  7. Team Training
  8. Don't Let Training be the First to Go
  9. Linux File & Print Services on a Windows Network
  10. Intranets As A Training Tool
  11. Training Efficiently public
  12. Connecting Your Classroom to the Internet public

Trainer Hiring & Management

  1. Selecting The Best Trainer: Techie Or Feel-Good
  2. How To Hire The Right Trainer
  3. Ten Tips to Evaluate a Trainer
  4. Training Evaluation Worksheet
  5. Great Trainers are Trusted Advisors
  6. Consultive Tutoring
  7. Contractor or Consultant?
  8. Tips For Help Desk Trainers public

Training Materials, Syllabi, and Handouts

  1. Creating Great Training Materials Faster, Part 1
  2. Creating Great Training Materials Faster, Part 2
  3. Creating Great Training Materials Faster, Part 3
  4. Writing Great Lesson Plans, Part 1
  5. Evaluating Training Courseware
  6. Trainers: Technical Writers, Part 1
  7. Trainers: Technical Writers, Part 2
  8. Internal Training: Specific And On Target

Training Center Administration

  1. Training Startups: Getting Funded
  2. Selling Your Training, Part 1
  3. Software Piracy: Prevention Is Your Responsibility
  4. Burn Your Data public
  5. Backup Critical Files public
  6. Help Learners Evaluate Their Recent Training Experience
  7. Measuring Training ROI

Training Center Security

  1. Computer Viruses: an executive overview public
  2. Antivirus Procedures
  3. Phage, Vermes & Equine


  1. Training Potpourri, Part 1
    • Too much material, too little time
    • Preparing to learn
    • Keeping handouts updated
  2. Training Potpourri, Part 2
    • Keep on schedule
    • Stick to the topic at hand
    • Challenge advanced learners

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