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ITrain Member Directory

This database is for the use of ITrain members seeking to network with other members and for employers seeking to employ an ITrain member. You may search the ITrain member directory by entering any bit of text into the "Keywords" field. This field will globally search all data in the member directory, regardless of the specific field.

Also, choose the number of records you would like to view per results page, either 10 or 25.

If you would like to contact an ITrain member directly via email, please contact Dave Murphy, the membership director. When requesting an email address, please include all pertinent information about the member, to help narrow the search.

Searching the Membership Database

This directory is stored in a delimited ASCII table. You may search for single keywords or keywords in proximity for example "computer training" or "training center.".

To filter for a specific U.S. state, use the criteria format ", STATE" for example, ", MD" or ", AZ" -- where the 2-letter state postal designator is prefaced by a comma and a space. To filter for a specific country, use the 2-letter Internet domain code prefaced with a space, for example, " US" or United States or " UK" for United Kingdom.




10  |   25


Here's what graduates say about our seminars...

"With a class of one, it is a challenge, but Dave rose to the occasion. I hope to stay in touch after today [the three-day class]."
Chris Wells, Timet-Titanium Metals Corporation

International Association of Information Technology Trainers
PMB 616
6030-M Marshalee Dr
Elkridge, MD 21075-5987

fax 801.650.0423
Membership Director:

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