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ITrain, International Association of Information Technology Trainers

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About the Association

ITrain is a nonprofit association of 7,826 information technology (IT) professionals located in 178 countries.

Speaking Engagements
David S. Murphy, the association's founder & membership director, is a university teacher and author. Mr.  frequently speaks at business, educational, and government conferences. With over three decades of experience in the field of adult learning, he is able to effectively help individuals and groups best implement IT training, trainer development, and information technology resource management programs. A vita is available.

Benefits of ITrain Membership
Membership in ITrain makes life easier for trainers and their staff by giving access to resources and support services that aren't available anywhere else. For example, two of our newsletters are recognized worldwide for timely and insightful reporting of news that's needed by professional IT Trainers.

Train the Trainer Boot Camp and Advanced Seminars prepare trainers from all disciplines for their role as stand-up instructors, curriculum developers, and tutors.

Certification programs are available to trainers, training centers, and publishers of training materials. Professional Technical Trainer (PTT) certification is available to all members. Training organizations may apply to have their entire program recognized through the Professional Training Center (PTC) certification. Curriculum developers may pursue Professional Training Materials (PTM) certification for each of their products.

The Training Book, the handbook for trainers is the foundation reference for trainers worldwide. It's a "must read" for all trainers.

The Technical Writer's Checklist is a multi-volume set of guidelines for curriculum developers and technical writers, regardless of technical specialty. It helps correct the 73 most common errors made by technical writers.

ITinfo is a daily e-zine delivered via the net to IT professionals who need to know what's happening in the industry and how today's events will affect them.

Responsible Training, published in print & fax editions, is read by association members to improve their training skills and hone their competitive edge.

Technology Training is a series of technical articles related training technical subjects. Published for the benefit of ITrain members, Training Technology covers the full width and breadth of the IT training world; from creating better training materials faster to improving presentation skills and the 10 rules for effective training.

White papers take a longer, indepth look at important and far-reaching training topics such as the effects on learning of multiple intelligences, Jungian personality classifications, and different learning styles.

All of these resources are made available for the benefit of association members.

ITrain is described as...
"One of the best educational resources on the web."

"An especially highly-recommended way to stay current."
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